Chore Warrior TrailerSpotter


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When moving boats or any other type of trailer, the Chore Warrior Trailerspotter has your back. The powerful 24-volt battery operating system can haul most boats with a tow hitch. The sturdy steel frame is supported with (2) 15″ pneumatic tires. Comes with battery, battery charger and hitch addition.

  • Hitch: Solid steel, easy to use hitch attachment
  • Battery: Powerful 24-volt rechargeable battery-operated drive system
  • Steel frame: Pro grade, powder coated steel frame for extended durability. Easily holds up to 350 lbs.
  • Drive system: Independent, differential (2-wheel) drive for easy turning
  • 15-inch pneumatic tires: Designed for easy maneuvering with coated steel rims for maximum

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