Submitted on Jan 16, 2024

I bought one of the chore warrior wheelbarrows for one specific reason, to get deer out of the woods after a successful hunt. I hated taking my 4 wheeler with me every time I hunted and a cart by myself is getting tougher and tougher as I get older. This is a absolute game changer for getting deer out. One charge brought 2 deer out over 600 yards each way on 2 different hunts and still had a super healthy charge if there was more to go. I will be modifying my chore warrior to help me a little easier for me. If you’re on the fence about one of these believe me its definitely a great tool for deer and I am sure work in the spring which I will find out.


Submitted on Dec 28, 2023

This wheel barrel lets my father who never stops at age 70 move things a lot easier and he gets things done quicker without stress on his body. Awesome product.


Submitted on Dec 13, 2023

The Chore Warrior is absolutely amazing! Makes yard work effortless! Our yard has some hilly spots, which would be very difficult to maneuver a regular wheel barrow. The Chore Warrior made going up & down so easy, it just glides along, no back pain & no muscle strain whatsoever. I would recommend the Chore Warrior to everyone!


Submitted on Dec 3, 2023

Last week we used my Chore Warrior during Deer Season in Ohio. When I showed up at Deer Camp with it my son was very skeptical, laughed at me. Sure Dad, whatever you say. He’s not laughing now. Now he wants to borrow it for Camping and Concerts. Haul stuff in and people out… Last laugh Dad.


Submitted on Nov 9, 2023

This electric wheelbarrow is a great addition to my garden tools. Saves me lots of back ache! One of the great things is the ways it lets me spread topsoil and mulch all over the yard, including places where the truck can’t reach, so it has saved me a considerable amount of money!


Submitted on Oct 26, 2023

It’s been a year since the Good Lord blessed me with my Chore Warrior. This piece of equipment has been vital in my excavating business. On my days that I am working solo on the job site it makes the job get done smoothly and with extra ease. The quality is great. I found several cheaper knockoff versions of this wheelbarrow but I decided to go with a small business and I sure am glad I did. Just today I had to call customer service and someone answered right away; they were personable and helpful. It was refreshing to be able to speak to a live person and not have to jump through a bunch of hoops to speak to someone. I also get a lot of compliments on the Chore Warrior hat that came with the product! A colleague of mine called it “Epic.”


Submitted on Oct 23, 2023

Nice to have.


Submitted on Oct 23, 2023

I have used the PAW (power assist electric wheelbarrow) for several years in the heat of Phoenix, Arizona and it is the best money that I’ve ever spent! It has saved my back and my knees. I’m amazed at how much power it has and the heavy loads that it will move. The manufacturer changed the name of their product from PAW to Chore Warrior and it’s a perfect name because that’s exactly what it is… a Chore Warrior! Thanks for such a great product!!!!


Submitted on Oct 20, 2023

We’ve been mucking out stalls for our Clydesdales for many years, & dumping everything down in our woods, about 1/2 a block away. About 8 yrs ago, I discovered the Electric Chore Warrior wheelbarrow (it had a different name then, but it’s the same unit) & decided it was worth a try. I ordered it with the largest bucket available. WHAT A DIFFERERENCE IT’S MADE FOR US!!!! We fill it full to overflowing EVERY day, at least once, and it’s performed flawlessly each and every time, every day, all these years. AND, now I don’t have to be the one to dump the loads, my wife dumps them easily… so needless to say THAT makes this wheelbarrow priceless & we can’t do without it. Only once we had an issue, when it stopped working for some reason. I started checking things out & found a fuse had blown due to a connection that had become loose over the yrs. I called the number on the Website & Cullen was very helpful & sent me a couple fuses right away. So I’ve got to say, this is a VERY good product & it’s backed by EXCELLENT Customer Service… which, as a Business Owner myself, I really appreciate. I strongly recommend the Chore Warrior. -Bruce Sr. Day & Nite Plumbing & Htg, Inc.

These reviews are submitted by customers who have purchased a Chore Warrior through our website or affiliated retailers.

Power for Horses

Joy and Bob Gamache are horse lovers with a small stable. They saddle up their Chore Warrior every day to carry supplies and pick up paddocks, in all kinds of weather conditions. It’s an indispensable tool that makes managing their farm so much easier.

Hitting the Target

Jeff owns and runs a gun range in northern Minnesota. He needed a better way to move his weapons and ammunition up and down hills, and hundreds of yards across the range. The tireless drive system on the Chore Warrior was the perfect solution. Now he has the power and mobility to make his tasks easier.

Preserving Marital Bliss

When Sandy doesn’t want to bother her spouse when he’s just put his feet up and cracked a beer, she calls on her Chore Warrior. It pitches right in to move dirt, branches and debris up their front yard hill and around the house. Her husband loves Chore Warrior too. He plans to get her another one soon.

Birthing New Ideas

The Miracle of Birth barn at the Minnesota State Fair needed a helping hand. So Chore Warrior donated a wheelbarrow to help the 4-H kids haul hay and feed, pile after pile, for miles and miles. Now we’re speculating about the Chore Warrior’s capacity for mini-donuts and corn dogs.

Beach Hauler Kid

Henry age 7 moves a heavy load of beach gear from the parking lot over the sand with only the help of the Chore Warrior.

Plane Hauler

Doug loves flying planes and is part of the The Commemorative Air Force. More than once, he’s hurt his back pushing a plane in and out of a hanger. His modified Chore Warrior gave him wings, by moving planes in a safer, faster and more controllable fashion.

Hauling it all up north

Jack Barrett chops, hauls and splits and wood on a small island in northern Minnesota. It’s the only fuel source for heating his often-snowbound cabin. Besides wood, he uses his Chore Warrior wheelbarrow for rocks, groceries and to resupply a heavy, eight-gallon water tank. His Chore Warrior gobbles up and spits out whatever he fills it with–and comes back for more. And he loves that the battery lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge. So do his back muscles.

Bernie Concrete Guy

Bernie endorses the Chore Warrior because the stable platform eliminates spillage and the drive system does all the work.

Snow Plower Ben

Ben added a blade to his Chore Warrior and it has helped him keep his walks clear ever since.

No Horsing Around

Gary Lovrine loves using his Chore Warrior wheelbarrow and his kids have fun doing their chores. Cleaning horse stalls is a daily task and navigating up and down hills is way easier with push-button power. Hauling long distances is no big deal and the large tub capacity means less loads, with the motor bearing the brunt of the work. And the battery keeps its charge for hours and recharges quickly. Gary’s kids seem to recharge quickly too.

Ken Astronomy Guy

As an astronomy hobbyist, I’ve built several of my own telescopes over the past 20 years. This scope weighs about 140 lbs. and (when folded) is pushed like a wheelbarrow up a couple of car ramps into my vehicle for transport to a dark sight. So, I’ve been looking for a way to add some power assist when pushing it up the ramps. I came across your videos for the PAW Chore Warrior and thought it looked like a perfect match for my needs.

A California Star

Madeline loves her independence. But now and then, she needs help with the heavy lifting. So the 85-year-old uses her Chore Warrior wheelbarrow to bring firewood to her Northern California home. When you’re dealing with floods, fires and drought, it’s nice to have powerful friend to help get things done.

In spring, Ben and his Chore Warrior collect sap from 120 tapped trees in a suburban Maine neighborhood for maple syrup production. Each collection run is nearly a half mile, and when full, the 35-gallon tank weighs nearly 300 lbs. The Chore Warrior’s upgraded tires give Ben great traction through mud and spring snow.

The gunsmith at the Saxonville armory needed to bring his precision tools and test weapons to the gun range to test repairs and modifications. The Chore Warrior drive system was the perfect solution to his problem.